I might as well own up to it. I made a mistake and blew my chance to get a job at a very, very nice company.. Despite the blow to my ego, they did say the result was witty and ingenious, so I’m going to post it here.  Learning from the experience etc etc.

Umbrella Season

It’s all year round.

Let’s get this out of the way first. Yes, London weather is damp. But you might not be singing in the rain as much as you’d expect.

Actual downpours are not that common. More often, weather in London will swing from sunny to drizzle from one minute to the next. The key is being prepared. Invest in coats with hoods.

Also, expect no surprises. Drizzle with patches of sun is the weather all year round. You might see more sun in the summer, but don’t hold your breath for a snowy Christmas.

Living in the City of London

That’s technically only the Westminster area.

It’s no secret London is an expensive city to live in, but some areas are more accessible than others. The closer to the city center, or Central as Londoners call it, the more expensive, so consider living further away. The Tube map is a great way to look at the areas and see how well connected they are.

Because of property and rental prices, house or flat shares are very common in the city, and also a great way to meet people. Check out SpareRoom and EasyRoommate if you like the idea.

If you’d prefer a space if your own, take a look at RightMove or Zoopla, or visit the letting agencies around the area you’re interested in.

Transport in London

Expensive but excellent.

London is extremely well connected. You can get practically anywhere on the public transport. The Transport for London website will help you plan your journey and offer you options. It also gives constant updates on buses, trains, and the tube.

Tube is the London underground. Don’t call it subway or metro; Londoners will be quick to politely correct you.

To use the public transport you will need an Oyster card. You can easily get them in tube or train stations, and charge them pay-as-you-go or on pre-paid weekly or monthly plans. You can keep track of your balance online, too.

Just remember the Oyster is only for London. If you accidentally travel outside the coverage zone, you’ll be fined.

Places of Interest

That’s the whole city.

London is rich in just about everything: culture, architecture, history. From fragments of the ancient Roman wall to Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, London is full of things and places to explore.

Check out Time-Out London or VisitLondon for events and suggestions.

Food for the Soul

If your soul likes boiled stuff, anyway.

Most examples of traditional London cuisine includes fried food. The alternative is deep-fried. Or aged for 21 days. The exception is curry, which is the real national dish and a point of pride.

Thankfully, London has a huge cultural mix, and you can find practically any kind of food you feel like trying. Check out Brick Lane, Borough Market, and Chinatown just to mention a few.

Social Life

Avoid eye-contact in the tube at all costs.

If all else fails, ask about the weather. It’s Londoner’s favorite subject.

If you don’t have friends or family in London to start with, the city can be a bit scary, but people are very friendly and open.

If the traditional method of walking up to someone and asking them to be your friend isn’t your style, you can always check MeetUp, which is an excellent way to find people with common interests. Even if your only interest is playing board games, you’ve come to the right place.

Pets in London

Who needs humans anyway?

Brits love dogs. London is a very dog-friendly city, with dogs  allowed in pubs, restaurants, the tube, and even some offices.  If you have a dog and the chance to bring them along, don’t doubt it for a minute.


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